Perfect beams for high-class ambience

The Pointer series

Make the most of your surroundings with the Pointer. The Pointer has a patented optical system where all the light shines out of the lighting fixture through a hole of just 8 millimetres. As a result, every detail is highlighted naturally, bringing the entire focus to your products or interior. You can hardly see where the light is coming from, creating a spectacular atmosphere.

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The unique features of the Pointer

  • No irritating light from the corner of your eye
  • Perfect beams for high class ambiance
  • Modern look
  • Available in 2 beam angles
  • High candela per watt 
  • Designed and produced in the Netherlands
  • Patented design
  • 7 years warranty

Turn any room into a luxurious environment

Objects are far better lit than with a regular downlight. You can transform your project using a vivid atmosphere by only illuminating particular objects within a room. 

Need to know specifications

  • Lumen output  350-650Lm
  • CCT 2700/3000/4000K
  • Wattage 6,6-9,0W
  • Available optics narrow and wide beam

The before and after show