Reliable as a matter of course

Excellent quality of our lighting

Our lighting solutions excel in design and ease of installation, but also in operational reliability and service life. Illuxtron luminaires have an average lifespan of no less than 70,000 burning hours. Compare that with the meager 2000 burning hours of a traditional light bulb. For the average office environment, this means that you can enjoy your Illuxtron fixture for almost 20 years.

Just as you can rely on the excellent quality of our lighting solutions, you can also rely on our people as well. We don’t like “fancy talk”. What we promise, we do. If a problem should ever arise with your Illuxtron lighting, our engineer will do everything possible to find the cause and offer you a suitable solution.

Defective products are carefully analyzed by our engineers. The valuable insights this yields will be used to optimize the product even further. This prevents a similar defect in the future. As a result, we are able to achieve an exceptionally low failure rate of only 0,5%.

Our lighting products are made from high-quality parts and elements, sourced from renowned suppliers worldwide. We take care of the assembly ourselves at various local sheltered workshops. Finally, each product is subject to one last visual and technical inspection prior to dispatch. You couldn’t wish for more certainty when it comes to quality.

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