Tailor-made lighting

ILLUXTRON MIYO Tailor-made led lighting

At Illuxtron, we understand that standard solutions do not always meet the unique requirements of your project. That is why we started MIYO (Make It Your Own), our division that can provide custom-made LED lighting that perfectly matches your specific needs and preferences. 
Whether you are looking for a subtle colour change, a specific hole size or a completely new lighting design, our MIYO department is ready to bring your ideas to life. With a minimum order of just 50 pieces and a quote within 48 hours, we make the personalisation process as simple and accessible as possible. What lighting issue can we solve for you?
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Unique in every way

50 units

Offers within
48 hours

delivery within
6 weeks


Luxury homes often feature sleek and minimalist plastered ceilings, but the wide edges of lighting fixtures can sometimes detract from the overall aesthetic. As a solution, we tasked our MIYO department with developing a lighting option that makes it simple to remove the border of a luminaire.

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