ILLUXTRON MIYO offers customized products in addition to our collection

If fixures in our collection do not exactly match your wishes, we are able to make simple adjustments such as changing the colour or size. We also do not shy away from more complex challenges. Based on your wishes, we can offer customization and create completely new fixtures.

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Unique in every way

50 units

Offers within
48 hours

delivery within
6 weeks

MIYO Example

Fluxe 75 pendant

Illuxtron has the Cylinder 100 that is surface mounted, but it has a fixed height. For a project with a cove, we designed a flexible solution. We added a regular 75mm spot (Fluxe/Linea etc) to a tailormade aluminium tube. We are now super flexible and can do different heights, colours or even pendant versions.

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