Inventive based on pure passion

The common thread in our company DNA

If there is one aspect that predominates our family business, it is inventiveness. With half a century of experience in developing smart lighting solutions, pure passion for inventiveness is what drives us. It is without a doubt the common thread that runs through our company DNA.

Decades ago, Illuxtron came up with the idea of incorporating LED lighting on floors and other forms of ground cover. The introduction of a built-in motion detector in a lighting spot followed later and we are now working on a product that combines lighting with ventilation. 

Whether it concerns the creation of new lighting applications or the substantial reduction of installation time; we try to shed new light on things that others take for granted. This focus on innovation is one of the most important reasons why many of our customers have been loyal to Illuxtron for decades.


The common thread in our company DNA The common thread in our company DNA