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Leading in LED

More than just a lighting manufacturer

Human with an eye on each other

Our passion is to develop and manufacture stylish and reliable lighting products. This is only possible thanks to the commitment and drive of our team. Starting from the design by our engineers, then on to assembly in our sheltered workshops, and finally the shipping of our products. This exemplifies the way Illuxtron works. 

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Sustainable down to the fiber

We believe it is important to work with respect for people, the environment, and nature. Every day we try to contribute to a better world in various ways. One way we achieve this is by exclusively developing lighting solutions based on energy-efficient LED technology. 

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Reliable as a matter of course

Our lighting solutions excel in design and ease of installation, but also in operational reliability and service life. Illuxtron luminaires have an average lifespan of no less than 70,000 burning hours. Compare that with the meager 2000 burning hours of a traditional light bulb. 

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Inventive based on pure passion

If there is one aspect that predominates our family business, it is inventiveness. With half a century of experience in developing smart lighting solutions, pure passion for inventiveness is what drives us. It is without a doubt the common thread that runs through our company DNA. 

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The Linessa Air

Lighting with integrated ventilation

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Pointer series

The smallest light source to enlighten your room

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Sensor and light source in one fixture

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The Strada HV

Driverless with a architectural design

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10x times faster installation for great projects

Since the beginning of this year, Illuxtron started producing assembled cables to support large projects. Based on your drawings, many types of connectors and sub-cables can be linked to a …

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