Patented design for acoustic ceiling system

The Felta

Discover the Felta, our latest patented lighting solution, designed exclusively for HeartFelt® ceilings. The Felta is an integrated lighting solution that seamlessly blends into the elegant design of the ceiling system. This streamlined design not only provides a clean look, but also makes installation surprisingly easy. With the Felta, ceiling installation becomes a breeze! Transform your office space in no time with the Felta.

Easy Installation



To install the Felta, you only need one driver for every four luminaires. This makes installing the lights even more efficient. The spotlights can be easily mounted on-site with a hollow pipe requiring only a hole of Ø10 mm.


 Durable & Modular Felt System


Plug & Play system


Aesthetic design


Bartenbach technology


 Dutch invention


 7 Year Warranty



The Beauty of the Felta