Lighting and ventilation combined

The Linessa Air

This unique combination of lighting and ventilation in one led panel creates an elegant ceiling design. This luxury office lighting will give your workspace a luxurious look while creating a healthier working environment. The Linessa Air results from a successful collaboration between OrangeClimate and Illuxtron International.

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The unique features of the Linessa Air

  • ​Comfortable Airflow
  • Fit to each system
  • No irritating glare
  • Highest Lumen / Watt
  • homogeneous light pattern
  • Designed and produced in the Netherlands
  • Patented design
  • 7 years warranty

Application example

The ventilation can be spread over more units to avoid annoying airflow. Each luminaire can blow the air in the room and let the air escape from the room. 

Need to know specifications

  • Lumen output 4750Lm
  • CCT  4000K
  • Wattage 33.6W
  • Lumens watts  141Lm/W
  • Ventilation 100 mm² air holes
  • Circulation Comfortable blow out pattern
  • Recess depth 266mm
  • Up to 175 m³/h

The before and after show