April 24 2024

Equal Opportunities For Everyone

Together we work for safe and gainful employment for all

At Illuxtron, we are passionate about creating stylish and reliable products. This is only possible thanks to our dedicated team. We believe in equal opportunities for all, and to achieve this goal, we collaborate with sheltered workshops such as Orionis Walcheren, Dethon, and the Betho. Together, we are committed to providing safe and paid work for people distanced from the labour market.


Illuxtron's assembly division

In our assembly department, employees who are distanced from the labour market use their unique skills. We tailor the work to suit our employees' skills, enabling them to make a valuable contribution and enjoy their work. In fact, some of our employees have even been given the opportunity to work at our in-house workshop located at our headquarters. We are proud to share that our skilled assembly team successfully assembled an impressive 283,422 products last year.




Stronger together

This vision also reflects how we want to cooperate with our business relations. We firmly believe in partnership. Openly and with care for each other. After all, you do business with people. 

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