January 22 2024

Discover the lighting trends of 2024

Find out which lighting trends we have spotted and how we will respond to them.


1. Tailor-made lighting

Custom-made LED lighting has become a popular trend rather than an exception. Customers' demand for unique lighting solutions for specific projects is growing. This year, we have expanded our MIYO (Make It Your Own) team to meet these needs. You can explore some of the latest MIYO solutions we have created on Pinterest and get inspired.

2. Acoustic ceiling with integrated LED lighting

The demand for working comfort and well-being is increasing. Acoustic ceilings and pleasant lighting help to improve productivity and comfort. Illuxtron makes this easy with a new lighting solution we will release soon. This solution enables seamless integration of our LED lighting into acoustic ceilings. Creating a peaceful workplace with minimal glare and optimal comfort becomes an effortless task with this solution.



3. Atmospheric pendant luminaires

By 2024, pendant luminaires will be an attractive addition to dining areas. Our MIYO team of experts can create customized pendant luminaires according to your specific requirements. In addition, we are also working on developing a standard collection of pendant luminaires that will be available for our standard collection. 


4. Interiors in the spotlight

Lighting plays a crucial role in interior design. With our adjustable track spotlights and advanced LED technologies, we bring out the beauty of interiors. Take, for instance, our stylish Pointer Spot, a real icon that allows you to accentuate specific elements or works of art, or our Odion track spots, specially designed for the retail sector. However, there is always room for improvement. We will continue to expand our LED technology in the coming year, making it even easier to light up interiors.


5. Customised correction rings for renovation projects

We have noticed that many renovation projects require customised correction rings to cover every hole. We understand that upgrading existing ceilings can sometimes require specific custom solutions. With our expertise from our MIYO division, we can now create customised correction rings that perfectly fit the needs of your project. Whether you need a round, square, small or large ring, we can make it happen. No size is too difficult for us.



6. Environmentally conscious lighting

Environmental sustainability will continue to be a top priority in 2024. At Illuxtron, we are committed to sustainability by producing our products at local social workshops. Our products are designed to be energy-efficient and long-lasting, utilizing high-quality A-brand LEDs.


Have you discovered a trend?

Do you have a trend that you have identified? We would love to hear about it! If our existing products do not meet your needs, our MIYO team will gladly assist you. We will develop the ideal lighting solution for your product in 2024.
Let us know!