Climate ceiling with LED lighting

Climate ceiling with LED lighting


Project: Dethier office
Country: Belgium
Lighting productsOdion XSVector 100 and  145

Although traditional air conditioning and radiators are still commonly used in offices, the demand for more sustainable and efficient alternatives is growing rapidly. Two more sustainable alternatives are LED lighting and climate ceilings. So why not join forces for a sustainable total solution for offices? In collaboration with Dr Light, we have created an innovative solution: a climate ceiling with integrated LED lighting. This synergy fits seamlessly into the ceiling design of modern office spaces.


Which products were used?

In Dethier's office building, we successfully integrated LED lighting into the climate ceiling. This combination ensured optimum comfort and efficiency and gave the office building a stylish look. For this particular project, we carefully chose our Odion XS on 3F rails and the Vector 100 and 145 models, all in line with the aesthetics of the office space.


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