June 2 2021

Light output in Emergency Mode

We are often asked by our customers, “How much light do I get out of the luminaires while they are in Emergency Mode?” The answer is that it really depends on which luminaires are used. Here at Illuxtron we have created a handy overview

When there is a power shutdown it is important that people can find their way back out of the building. A good lighting plan will tell you which luminaires are connected to an Emergency Pack to reach the necessary light output. For the UK you need 3Hrs of light after a power shut down and for the rest of Europe you need 1 hr

On the datasheet, we have added some overviews so you can calculate the light output easily yourself Here is an example of the measurements for a 1hr TCI battery Ni-Cd 7,2V 1,6Ah (123023K)

All of the Illuxtron LV downlights have a forward voltage of 36V which result in a Wattage to LED of 4,1W in Emergency Mode To calculate how much light you will get, you just need to follow the Lumen Output overview located in our pricelist (Page 59)

The Emergency Value must be calculated by taking the right wattage

  • Setting 250mA = 9,4W = 1400Lm (4000K)
  • Emergency      = 4,1W =   620Lm (4000K)  

If you need an LDT file for 620LM you can easily create this yourself using the free Dialux LDT editor software. Need more help? Just contact our Sales Department

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