Brasserie BLVD

Vlissingen, Netherlands

Brasserie BLVD is located on the boulevard in Vlissingen, Illuxtron’s home town. Together with our partner Maas & Hagoort we supplied Curion 90 and Fluxe 75 downlights for the restaurant and canopy over the sunny terrace.

Curion 90 and Fluxe 75
Curion 90 and Fluxe 75 were among the first luminaires designed and manufactured by Illuxtron, and they continue to provide the perfect lighting solution in numerous situations. Curion 90 is an adjustable fitting with a diffuser and mirror, reducing glare. This versatile luminaire is available as high and low voltage solution and can be dimmed in various ways. Fluxe 75 is similar to Curion 90, the main difference being that the Fluxe models lack a mirror is fixed luminaire.

Brasserie BLVD Brasserie BLVD Brasserie BLVD