October 26 2023

Are you ready for wintertime?

Lighting tips

This weekend, we will be turning our clocks back one hour. While an additional hour of sleep may sound tempting, for some people, the switch to wintertime can result in fatigue, sleep issues, or even seasonal affective disorder. These effects are often caused by a disrupted biological clock, which is heavily influenced by light. Therefore, we have some helpful tips to make the transition to wintertime easier.


Tip 1: Start your (work) day with cool white light

In winter, artificial light is often unavoidable, especially for people further than 1.5 metres from a window in the office. Start your (work) day with bright, cool white light (750 lux) to synchronise your biological clock. Consider dynamic lighting systems for the complete optimisation of your office. 


Tip 2: Dim the lights in the evening

In the evening, switching to lighting with a warm hue or dimmable lighting is best. Warm white LED lighting with lower intensity helps you unwind and promotes sleep.


Tip 3: Make sure your bedroom is dark

Ensure your bedroom is completely dark at night to promote healthy sleep by supporting melatonin hormone production.


Tip 4: Go outside regularly

During the day, try to maximize the amount of natural light in your home or workplace. If that's not possible, take brief outdoor walks in the morning to increase your exposure to sunlight.


Tip 5: Rest, cleanliness, regularity

A timeless piece of advice is to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, especially as winter approaches. This helps regulate your biological clock and promotes stability. Additionally, eating healthily and exercising regularly can boost your energy levels.

Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch lighting solutions to assist you further. We offer options such as dimmable lighting, LED panels for your office space, and even custom-made lighting solutions.


Light & Health

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