August 3 2023

Discover the MIYO Wallwasher

At MIYO, we strive to find innovative solutions for our customers by creating tailor-made luminaires. Recently, we developed a new lighting solution for a large commercial building.


Customer's challenge.

Beautiful paintings and important lettering were hanging on the wall throughout the premises. However, they were overshadowed by the current ceiling lighting. As a result, the art did not stand out, and the lettering looked unattractive. In addition, the lighting caused large shadows, making the lettering difficult to read. Our MIYO department was called in to solve this problem.


The Wallwasher solution

To solve the business premises problem, MIYO has developed a powerful lamp: the Wallwasher. The fixture perfectly illuminates vertical surfaces without leaving dark spots, thanks to its asymmetrical beam angle. This makes the Wallwasher an ideal solution for perfectly illuminating artwork, photos and lettering in a building.


How was the Wallwasher designed?

The Wallwasher was developed using our popular DS-F lighting system. This fixture provides, 3500Lm and various beams of light needed for high-quality wall lighting. We then created a unique asymmetrical beam angle to highlight details on the wall beautifully. In addition, the Wallwasher is equipped with a Dali driver for optimal control. With a slim luminaire height of only 87 mm, the Wallwasher fits perfectly in any professional environment.


What lighting problem can we solve for you?

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