May 7 2021

The next generation Odion XS

Odion XS Gen2 (2021)

There has recently been a major update in the Odion range. The most important change is that the housing has been improved in several respects. In addition to improving the cooling capacity by 10%, we have also made the hinge more robust and perhaps the biggest change is the front ring, which is now much easier to change. This made us decide to produce and stock the CRI97 version in large numbers so that we can deliver them very quickly by only varying the ring. The model is also equipped with a new power supply that enables even 3000Lm to be achieved with a CRI of 97. The standard CRI80 can even now deliver more than 4000Lm, making it more suitable for shop windows and higher ceilings.

Odion XS Gen1 (2017)

The Odion rail spotlight was designed by leading Belgian designer Serge Cornelissen. The design is characterised by a clever thermal design that allows airflow along both the outside and inside of the housing to dissipate the heat of the LEDs. With 10 hours of use per day, after 10 years there is a loss of only 10% of the original light output (10/10/10, easy to remember!).

On request, a wide range of LEDs is available that score extremely high on the new TM30 colour rendering standard (successor to the CRI standard, which also includes colour saturation). A range of LEDs for various foodstuffs (bread, meat, fish and vegetables) is also available, which ensures that the products look fresh for longer. The reflectors used were specially developed for IIluxtron and ensure that there is virtually no stray light outside the various beams (18, 37, 60 and even 80 degrees on request). The reflectors are ideally suited for projects in which extremely low UGR values are required. Contamination of the reflectors can normally lead to 50% loss of light but the Odion reflectors are shielded by a front glass and do not suffer from this.

The power supply is completely integrated into the adapter and thus disappears into the lighting rail. In addition to the standard power supply with setting options for various light levels, a dimmable Dali version is now available, which of course complies with the Dali 2 standard. With a ripple of <3%, the power supplies also comply with the most stringent flicker standards, ensuring that surveillance images are not disrupted. Both power supplies are produced in Europe with high-quality European electronic components so that based on 10 hours use per day, the expected service life is also 10 years. As you would expect, the spotlights are completely assembled in the Netherlands and come with a 7-year guarantee.

Lighting rails

New to the Illuxtron range is a complete package of lighting rails. The package consists of 3-phase recessed and surface-mounted versions in various colours, sizes and pendant variants. There is also a 3-phase Dali version, flush-mounted and surface-mounted, as well as a 1-phase surface-mounted version.


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