Low Voltage – Tuneable White (LV-TW)


Natural light changes colour throughout the day – from a morning sunrise glow, to a bright midday sun, then to a rich warm sunset. We have the technology to change the colour of the artificial light in our homes.

The human biological clock is closely tied to the day/night cycle of the Earth – circadian rhythm, and is pivotal for our body’s release of various hormones including melatonin that regulates sleep, and cortisol for healing. We know that light has a significant influence on the human biological clock and our health.

As much as technology can benefit us, it can also disrupt our natural biological clock. We have too little of the right type of light during the day, and too much of the wrong type of light at night. Exposure to televisions, LED lights, computer screens, and mobile devices that emit blue (cool) light at night can disrupt our biological clock, delaying the natural sleep pattern.

A human centric lighting system can also manipulate artificial light. When we require higher levels of concentration and alertness, we can adjust the colour temperature to provide a cool light. When we want to relax or create a calmer environment, we can adjust the colour temperature to provide a warmer light. Lighting and control technologies have evolved to provide better user experiences. With careful consideration and expert consultation, light can be more organic and integrate better in our smart homes to provide greater levels of comfort.