Corporate social responsibility

    Corporate social responsibility is a very important issue for Illuxtron International, because we want to contribute to a better world. Our dream is to gain and share knowledge which motivates (our) people to create and produce inventive lighting solutions. Solutions that offer ease and comfort to people.

    Illuxtron's responsibility

    In this process, we try to work as environmentally friendly as possible because we do not want to harm our planet. LED products last far longer (at least 20 times longer) than traditional lighting. This means that we can reduce production and shipping, which cause harm to the environment. Secondly, LEDs consume significantly less energy than traditional lighting solutions. We believe that if we can get more people to use LED, we can reduce environmental damage greatly.

    Our sponsoring project

    It feels too easy to say that by selling LED products, we have done our best. So, we started a project whereby we plant one tree for every 150 lamps we sell in an area where this is most needed. This also helps to compensate for CO2 -emissions and we help to stimulate the local economy. Buying Illuxtron products means you automatically contribute to a better world. How great is that?