Quality Management

European Quality covered by a 7-Year Warranty

    ILLUXTRON: Made in Holland, with a significant portion of our time and resources dedicated to quality assurance and quality control.


Quality support

    Every lighting manufacturer receives reports of defective products. When you report a defect of one of our luminaires to our Quality Support Manager, we immediately take action. Then, our engineers investigate the defect and improve the product as neccessary in order to prevent similar defects in the future. Therefore, our non-failure percentage keeps improving. We always find suitable solutions for our customers.


Quality assurance

    We can achieve our low defect percentage by collaborating with leading market suppliers for our components. Illuxtron’s key partners include: TCI, Cree, Seoul Semiconductors, Nichia, Lumileds, TE Electronics, Wieland and Bergh Hybrid Circuit.


Optimised efficiency

    We don’t design our products to meet the standard; we design our products to exceed the standard. Illuxtron's engineers design luminaires to provide a consistent light output and light colour for many years. Illuxtron products are built to last. One of the benefits of LED is its long lifetime, because LEDs have no movable parts or filaments that may break. When the light output of an LED has dropped to 70% of its initial light output, it is time to replace your luminaire. We call this measure L70. A typical L70 lifetime is 50,000 hrs. depending on the inside temperature of the diode itself. At high temperatures, the blue chip and phosphor layer degenerate and the LED will eventually lose light. All of our products are designed with a heat sink to cool the LED’s as much as possible. Moreover, with continuous efforts to improve the efficiency of our products, we strive to deliver a meaningful contribution to a better environment.