Restaurant Maven in Antwerp


A complete lighting plan was designed in collaboration with architect Erik Verbeeck and Ace Lighting, in which a difference can be made between the front of house and the back of house. The back of house is equipped with the standard LED panels and Cylinder series that fulfill the requirements and standards, which leaves more budget for other parts in the project.

The fixtures used in the front of house were carefully selected. For example, there was decided to work with the pointer 68 adjustable in the entrance, as this created an impressive atmosphere with the use of Dark Light Technology.

In the consumption area of ​​the restaurant was decided to work with a general 3F track system. By using the 18-degree beams in the Odion XS trackspot the effect of light and shadow is very clear, so the different zones and tables are perfectly illuminated.

On the first floor, the private dining room is lighted with the discrete pointer 40. The Dark Light Technology ensures an optimally illuminated table with the lowest UGR. The same pointers can also be found in the toilets, where they were built into the white tiles to create an optimal atmosphere.

The private dining room is separated from the restaurant by a transparent maturing cabinet, where the carcasses of meat are lit by a Linea DS-FS 120 with the Luxeon Stylist Red Meat series. Which perfectly illuminated the red color of the meat due their high R9 value.

This entire project was equipped with a DALI interface in collaboration with Helvar, which is set for every occasion due the possibility to create different atmospheres.



Restaurant Maven in Antwerp Restaurant Maven in Antwerp Restaurant Maven in Antwerp Restaurant Maven in Antwerp Restaurant Maven in Antwerp Restaurant Maven in Antwerp