Alexandrium Shopping Center

The Netherlands

Together with INIZIO, we installed lighting for the large shopping mall “Alexandrium Shopping Center”. The shopping area now has a pleasing atmosphere thanks to our Linea downlights. The downlights are a fantastic and environmentally friendly way to modernize the mall.

About Alexandrium

The shopping centre first opened its doors in 1984. A few years later, the shopping centre underwent significant growth. A new shopping satellite sprung up after the Alexandrium I was rebuilt. Between Alexandrium I and Alexandrium II is a large round-shaped building that is part of this shopping satellite. At the time, Alexandrium I was referred to as "the Shopping Center". The shopping mall expanded even more in 2001, creating a triangle that makes it easy for visitors to walk between Alexandrium I and II. A new, collective name; Alexandrium Shopping Center was introduced instead of Alexandrium I and II.
Today, the shopping centre attracts more than 14 million visitors annually and is home to several flagship stores. Additionally, the Alexandrium Shopping Center organizes and hosts large events that draw an ever-increasing number of shoppers to the shopping mall each year.

Investing in modern lighting solutions

By renovating the inside and updating the lighting, The Alexandrium Shopping Center invested a significant amount to give the shopping centre a new sense of life. The shopping centre is currently busily replacing the CFL lighting with LED lighting in various areas.


Alexandrium Shopping Center Alexandrium Shopping Center