Lighting with integrated motion sensor

In the middle of the downlight we have placed a detection sensor which reacts to people entering a room. It saves you valuable time and effort searching for the light switch in order to turn it on and off.

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The unique values of the SensorSpots

  • Integrated detection sensor
  • Instant reaction time
  • Clean ceiling design
  • Savings on installation
  • Durable switching technology
  • Driverless downlight
  • Designed and produced in the Netherlands
  • 7 years warranty

No more switching when entering a room

No need to look for a light switch when entering a room while you have your hands full with other stuff. Helps to save the environment as the lights turn on and off automatically. Reduces your installation costs. No seperate sensor installation necessary.

Need to know specifications

  • Lumen output 600Lm
  • CCT 3000/4000K
  • Turn on time 0,15 sec
  • Turn off time  4 min

The before and after SensorSpots

New SensorSpots
Regular Sensors