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Comprehensive solution for lighting retail, hospitality and showrooms with Illuxtron trackspots and lighting tracks


Trackspots in combination with lighting tracks offers a total solution in terms of lighting for shops, hospitality and other purposes. They can also be equipped with the LUXEON Stylist series, specially developed for applications in retail, fresh food and hospitality. Illuxtron offers a high-quality 3-phase rail system as a total solution for the installation of trackspots. In combination with the extensive range of innovative accessories – such as the turned L and T connectors – we offer maximum freedom to create the ultimate lighting plan.

Odion trackspots were designed by Illuxtron in collaboration with Belgian designer Serge Cornelissen. The design is characterized by a smart thermal design which allows the airflow both along the outside and inside of the housing to dissipate the heat from the LEDs. A special feature of this series of track spots is that the Odion XS can be clicked directly into the lighting rail thanks to the integrated driver (PSU). This driver is therefore not visible after installation.

The LED-based lighting solutions are designed by our in-house R&D team and assembled in our local sheltered workshops. All our products are ‘Made in Holland’. We only use high-quality components to produce unique combinations in quality and design with a 7-year warranty. Trackspots are suitable for multiple purposes like office and board rooms, schools, retail and medical centres.

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