All sensor equipped downlights

SensorStrada 75

Sensor Strada 75 CS zwart goud

SensorLinea 75

Sensorlinea 75 white cs

SensorVector 100

Sensor vector 100 zwart goud
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LED lighting solutions with sensor technology


Sensor-equipped downlights are ideal where automatic light is desired. The luminaires have an integrated (PIR) motion sensor. Which is reliable under all conditions. The luminaires can be built into toilet areas, corridors, storage areas, garages, sheds, front door porches and canopies.

The LED-based lighting solutions are designed by our in-house R&D team and assembled in our local sheltered workshops. All our products are ‘Made in Holland’. We only use high-quality components to produce unique combinations in quality and design with a 7-year warranty. Sensor-equipped downlights are suitable for multiple purposes like high residential, hospitality, office and board rooms, schools, retail and medical centres.

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