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Strada 35

Linea 68 adj

Linea 68 adj White cs

Strada 50

Pointer 40

Pointer 40 white cs

Fluxe 35

Fluxe 35 White cs

Pointer 68

Pointer 68 fix white ws

Fluxe 50

Fluxe 50 adj White cs

Pointer 68 adj

Pointer 68 adj White ws

Fabio 35

Fabio 35 White cs
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The new standard of architectural lighting starts with the Pointer series by Illuxtron


Illuxtron’s mini downlights are small luminaires with high light output. Developed with Bartenbach (Dark Light) technology which ensures low glare (UGR value) rate in combination with high light output. Furthermore, the Bartenbach technology ensures excellent homogeneity of the light beam even, in combination with various LED colours. The mini downlights are available in various colours and with various springs.

The LED-based lighting solutions are designed by our in-house R&D team and assembled in our local sheltered workshops. All our products are ‘Made in Holland’. We only use high-quality components to produce unique combinations in quality and design with a 7-year warranty. Mini downlights are suitable for multiple purposes like high residential, hospitality and retail.

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