Now available the Illuxtron Pointer-Series

  • Date
    February 22, 2018
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Illuxtron proudly announces that the Pointer Series is available as of now.
This series of luminaires is, thanks to its special optics, so innovative that they can rightfully be considered to be the new signature for architectural lighting.

Special optics
As mentioned above, the special thing about the Pointer is its optics. The luminaires have a special design and look, and the reflector is being integrated within, which makes it invisible. Furthermore, the luminaires of the Illuxtron Pointer Series are equipped with a light-opening of just 8mm, which also makes the source of the light barely visible. The result is an extremely low UGR value.

Small in size, big in light output
You would not expect it, but despite its small size, the Pointer has a lighting output of 350 up to even 650 Lumen. The Illuxtron Pointer Series is available from March 2018 in three different designs.

Pointer 40 Pointer 68 Fixed Pointer 68 Adjustable
Click here for the specifications Click here for the specifications Click here for the specifications