January 21 2021

What is the difference between “Warm-dim” and “Tuneable”?

With “Warm Dimming” the LED behaves like an old-fashioned incandescent lamp, at the moment of dimming the colour of the light gets warmer and warmer. With “Tuneable” there can be a color change over the day, also called “Human Centric Lighting”.


With “Tuneable” there are 2 circuits in the lamp and both in the cool light and in the warm light the maximum light output can be chosen. In this case, the spotlight is connected to an Eldoled 2-channel power supply so that both channels can be fully controlled. Therefore, we do program a safety device to prevent both channels from being fully controlled at the same time, otherwise the spotlight will become too hot. With a Dali 8 dimmer (Osram Dali MCU) or via the Casambi app you can easily choose the colour and intensity.


For “Warm-dim” the range is usually limited, our HV-FD has a range of 2200-3000K. In this case the spotlight can be dimmed with an ordinary Triac wall dimmer and the colour changes automatically. With some devices on the market, the colour of the light only changes to a warm colour when almost no light is coming out. In our HV-FD series we have paid extra attention to the fact that the colour changes very fluently even at the higher light output.