December 14 2023

Linea 185: Renovation revelation!

Lighting plays a vital role in any renovation project. Following the recent ban on the import and production of fluorescent lighting, LED lighting is rapidly gaining popularity. Among the various LED lighting products, Linea 185 has emerged as the most preferred choice for renovation projects. The product witnessed a 55% surge in sales, with 12,316 units sold. What factors are driving the increasing demand for Linea 185 among renovators?

The advantages of the Linea 185


1. Large hole size for complex spaces

It is common to come across varying and complex spaces during renovation projects. The Linea 185 has a large hole size of 170 to 275 mm and is a perfect fit for different ceiling openings. This feature makes it suitable for rooms with varying ceiling sizes, for instance, architectural buildings and offices.


2. Ideal for limited ceiling space

Due to its low mounting depth, the Linea 185 is designed for buildings with limited space above the ceiling, such as historic buildings, car parks, or rooms with suspended ceilings.


3. Customized correction rings

With the help of a customized correction ring, it's possible to increase the diameter of a hole up to 275 mm. Furthermore, if you want to extend the hole and already have springs in place, you can use a second correction ring or a wooden plate on top. Since every project has unique requirements, our approach is tailored to meet your needs. If you face any challenges or need a custom ring with a specific colour that matches your ceiling, reach out to our MIYO department, and they will provide you with the most suitable solution.

4. Energy-efficient

Naturally, the Linea 185 CRI180 LED lighting is energy-efficient and sustainable. This contributes to significant energy costs and maintenance savings, which is an important consideration in any renovation project. If you want the colours of your interior to come to life, we also offer an option with a high-quality plate with a superior colour rendering known as CRI197.


5. A stylish addition to any room

Finally, the design of the Linea 185 has been carefully crafted to fit into modern and traditional interiors. 


Discover the Linea 185

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