June 25 2021

Special division

Are you looking for square replacement fixtures with a higher lumen output? The specials division at Illuxtron might be able to help out! Recently we did some projects for our customers where we made luminaires with UGR <19.

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Illuxtron has a special department that focuses on offering bespoke solutions for our customers. We have a lot of parts and technologies in our standard collection that we can use to design tailor-made products. We also assemble in sheltered workshops that are very close by. This gives Illuxtron the opportunity to offer a broad range of solutions to our customers. From special size fixtures, different colours to completely custom products that are not in the standard catalogue. Please send us your requests for your product needs and we will try to provide a quote within 2 working days.

A perfect example of a specials division project is the DS-F-SQ downlighter. A Square replacement luminaire based on our regular DS-F or DS-FS. We have made sizes between 170x170mm and 350x350mm. We even have a rectangular version with 2 light engines in the works for a project. The tailor-made luminaire can produce up to 5700Lm and is fixated in the ceiling with wire springs. Illuxtron was able to quote within a couple of hours and delivery will be 5 to 6 weeks after order.

Please contact our internal sales department for any questions you might have. From square luminaires to all other requests, we try to offer a solution to every question from 50 pieces and up!

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