June 2 2021

Retrofit solution with the Strada 68

For retrofit solutions, Illuxtron developed a special Stada downlight specifically for 68mm ceiling cut-outs. This Strada 68 is equipped with an impressively high lumen output while maintaining the best light quality.

With special patented phosphor techniques the light engine is optimized according to the new TM30 norms for vivid and saturated colours that help to highlight your merchandise in the best possible light.

The lumen per Watt is the highest available on the market. Also available are special LEDs from the Stylist series for specific applications such as:

  • CrispColor Technology: More red in the spectrum to enhance the look of your merchandise
  • CrispWhite Technology: Gives white clothing an unbelievably fresh appearance
  • Atmosphere Technology: Developed for the perfect dining atmosphere
  • FreshFocus Technology: Optimized for Food (Bakeries, Vegetables, Fishmongers and Butchers shops)

Here are some inspirational examples of how it can be used

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The range is available in different colour combinations and they all come with a 24°/60° and 80° beam angle.