March 13 2024

The Pointer Stucco

MIYO Special


Discover our latest MIYO special: the Pointer Stucco.

Need help finding the right lighting solution for your project? Our MIYO team specializes in creating customized lighting solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require specific hole sizes, unique colours, or entirely new luminaires, we are here to help. One great example of our work is the Pointer Stucco.

The Challenge

In interior design, our clients strive for visually appealing and practical solutions. Recently, our team faced a new challenge: integrating our well-known Pointer module into an acoustic ceiling for a German university.

The Solution

We opted for our Pointer 68 adjustable Gen 2 luminaire for this specific project. The luminaire was precisely milled into the acoustic ceiling tiles, seamlessly integrating the light source. Connecting multiple luminaires to a single Dali dimmable driver made it easy to create a comfortable atmosphere. The result is a peaceful space for students and teachers to work and learn productively. 


Custom Lighting, Just for you

Every project is unique and requires a lighting solution to match it perfectly. MIYO uses the finest Illuxtron technologies to create new, unique MIYO solutions. Is this what you're looking for? Get in touch to discover how our tailored solutions, like the Pointer Stucco, can elevate your project.

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