September 26 2023

Pointer Spots on Track

The advantages

The Pointer Spots are an excellent addition to your lighting design. But did you know that they are also suitable for track lighting? Find out what advantages the Pointer Spots on Track offer your lighting project: 

1. Uniform light distribution
With our Pointer Spots, you can effortlessly place a series of luminaires on one track, spreading the light evenly. This is ideal for situations where you want to use track spots to illuminate an entire room. 

2. Accentuate with ease
Thanks to the adjustable light fixtures on the track, you can easily adjust the spotlights and accurately highlight the architectural elements of your project.

3. Flexible in any lighting design
The Pointer Spots can be used for subtle accents, tasks, or overall lighting. This makes them suitable for various projects and applications, from museums to living spaces. 

4. It's easy to install
The modular design of our track lighting system ensures smooth and efficient installation of the luminaires.

Fitting in any style
The sleek and minimalist look of the spotlights on the track system makes them a perfect fit for any interior design.

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