July 5 2021

Playing with colours

It’s now possible for the commercial market to choose from a wide range of colours. Strada 185 is the newest addition to our architectural Strada family. The downlight comes with an internal decorative ring in 8 different colour combinations. Now also available for the commercial market, it’s possible to match the downlight to your interior. A silver (or black) decorative ring makes sure that you are not blinded by the light. Even for offices, it provides a comfortable way to light up your room.  Black and gold is a nice combination when you have a black ceiling

Strada 185 is a downlight with a very wide beam angle to create a very easy, homogeneous lighting level on the floor. If you use downlights in your office surrounding this downlight is usually your best choice. Most of the time, light levels of 1250-2000Lm are more than enough. But there is also a version available which reaches 6500Lm for use with higher ceilings. Like most of Illuxtron’s products, it can be equipped with a wide variety of LEDs in different colours and CRI versions. Ask our sales department for helpful advice for your needs.