Unified Glare Rating

UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating. The UGR rating helps to determine how likely a luminaire and its operation in a room are to cause discomfort to those around it, taking account of the eye level and direction of view of the user. The lower the value, the less discomfort the user will experience from […]

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Aviora FL: Flexible and modular LED panel

Here at Illuxtron our focus is not only on quality but also on the broad applicability of our LED luminaires. Aviora FL is a perfect example of this. The modular luminaire is exceptionally flexible, it has a low mounting depth and is suitable for bandraster ceilings.

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Colours come to life with the LUXEON Stylist series

Did you know that special LEDs designed for fashion retail, fresh food or hospitality can be fitted to Illuxtron fixtures? The LUXEON Stylist series comprises a range of chip-on-board LED modules that accentuate specific parts of the colour spectrum and bring out the best in colours.

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