Pointer series: new standard in architectural lighting

A perfectly illuminated room, without visible light sources. That’s the new standard in architectural lighting and it starts with Illuxtron’s Pointer series. The series consists of three fixtures: Pointer 40 and Pointer 68 comes in a fixed and adjustable design. The Pointer series is available for concrete or as a wire spring.

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Part 1: dimming LED lighting solutions

Illuxtron International has many years of experience in developing various LED lighting solutions. The dimming methods are very important in this. Illuxtron LED fixtures can be dimmed in many ways. But how does dimming actually work and what do you have to keep an eye on? In this series we explain the different options.

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Unified Glare Rating

UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating. The UGR rating helps to determine how likely a luminaire and its operation in a room are to cause discomfort to those around it, taking account of the eye level and direction of view of the user. The lower the value, the less discomfort the user will experience from […]

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