December 22 2021

Our new brand

Illuxtron has been growing from strength to strength for the last 2 years. We are planning to refresh our logo and put it in a more modern skin

Illuxtron name
The name Illuxtron is more or less a combination of Illumination and Electronics. Illuxtron likes to use standard components, but does not shy away from developing bespoke electronics as well (HV-FD and Sensorspots), if we cannot find the right one in the market.

Because Illuxtron has been making standard lighting for such a long time, we decided to link the name "lighting" to the lighting section. It is therefore a logical step that the other parts will receive other additions in the future. Illuxtron - datacenter lighting, for example, is already a separate division in the company

Colour image
This has been added to put more emphasis on 4 core values ​​that we are cultivating, more and more, you will find an overview of these core values

Employing people who are distanced from the labor market
Striving for a pleasant working environment
Presentations from our employees via social media

Making products with a long lifespan
Plastic from our packaging
Electric cars

All market defects have been analyzed since 2012
Products are guaranteed for 24/7 use at an ambient temperature (TA) of 45ºC
Choice for A brand components

Self-developed unique products (HV-FD / SensorSpot / Linessa Air)
MEC / experience space

As you can see, Illuxtron is moving in the right direction. Hopefully we can continue on this path with you as our customer or supplier. If you would like a copy of the new logo,

Logo request

The Illuxtron marketing team