September 1 2023


the Pointer Spots

Highlight even the smallest design elements with our new Pointer Spots. These innovative spotlights offer unparalleled precision, allowing you to showcase every detail with ease.


Create the perfect accents

Our Pointer range now includes the Pointer Spots, which offer added flexibility to your lighting concept. These spots have a unique lens with patented Bartenbach technology, featuring a light aperture of only 8 mm. This produces a nearly invisible light source that can emit up to 650 lumens. Adjusting the fixture is easy, allowing you to play with the light and create ideal accents for your interior design.


Anti-glare lens with low UGR

Our lens design minimises glare and creates an almost invisible light experience. The light source is hidden deep inside the luminaire, so we avoid distracting light points and enable pleasant lighting. The result: a clean room without distractions. 


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