March 6 2024

Light + Building 2024

New Insights and Inspiration Gained at the Light + Building Event by Our Team

Yesterday was extraordinary for our company as we attended the Light + Building event. It is well-known for its innovative approach in our industry and offers a unique opportunity for professionals to learn about the latest trends and technologies.
We had a diverse team comprising members of the R&D, Sales, MIYO, and Marketing departments, and each team member had a personal plan with specific objectives to gain inspiration and knowledge relevant to their field. These individual approaches allowed us to gather a wide range of insights and ideas, which we have already started working on immediately in the office. The knowledge gained will enrich our team and play a crucial role in developing our new collection this year.
We are grateful to everyone who contributed to these meaningful interactions during the event. The prospects for future collaborations are promising, and we are excited about the impact these experiences will have on our future projects.