November 7 2023

IP65 bathroom lighting

Create a stylish bathroom with our small downlights, now available with an IP65 front!* Complete your bathroom by choosing from our Strada 68, Linea 75, Fluxe 75, and Fabio 75. Our spotlights are available starting from €53.00.**


Why IP65?

When choosing the proper recessed lighting, safety is important. That is why we now have several downlights with an IP65-rated front. This high protection rating guarantees that the downlights are resistant to splashing water and moisture in all areas. Within the Strada range, there is also a version that is IP65 rated at the backside, including a waterproof driver. This makes our spotlights ideal for places where the back of the spotlight can also get wet.



Optimal lighting for every moment of the day

When it comes to bathroom lighting, you may not want the same brightness level all the time. For instance, in the morning, you might need bright light to help you wake up and feel refreshed, while in the evening, you may want to relax and unwind in a warm bath or shower. This is where our dimmable lighting options come in handy, providing the perfect solution to meet your lighting needs throughout the day. 


Want to know more about these downlights? Download a poster here or contact us for more details.

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* The IP65 front does not apply to the HV-FD 40° variant

** This price applies to our Linea 75, Fabio 75, Fluxe 75, the HV-FD 80° variant. Delivery time may vary depending on the order intake, and it is subject to the availability of stocks.