January 21 2021

How lighting contributes to fire safety

The use of fire-resistant down lighters is a highly discussed topic in various European countries at the current time.

In the unfortunate event of fire, ceilings delay the spread of fire in buildings. Holes that are cut into a ceiling for lighting, are a potential passage for fire to spread faster.

A fire rated downlighter has been carefully tested for fire resistance and restores the integrity of the ceiling. This increases the evacuation time after the fire alarm goes off, for those who are present. Additionally, the chances of preservation of the building are become greater.

Lately, Illuxtron offers the possibility to equip various fixtures with fire rating tubes. This accessory expands when reaching a certain temperature, creating a seal in the ceiling for up to 60 minutes (longer durations on request). The fire rating tube can be used for all fixtures with wire springs with hole sizes 75 or 90, as well as the Pointer 40 and Pointer 68 Adjustable.

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