June 12 2024

Farewell Pointer 68 ADJ - Welcome Pointer Spot 68 ADJ

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to our Pointer 68 adjustable. But don't worry, a new successor will arrive in Q4! Get ready for the launch of the Pointer Spot 68 Adjustable.

The Linea 68 ADJ and Pointer 68 ADJ - Sold out

The Pointer 68 adjustable and Linea 68 adjustable are no longer available. We are saying goodbye to these familiar models and making room for a new successor, the Pointer Spot 68 adjustable, available from the fourth quarter of this year.

Innovation in a new design

The Pointer Spot 68 adjustable features a stylish new design to complement our Pointer Spot collection. This versatile lighting solution can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. You will enjoy even more light from the fixture, with the increased light output from 450 to an impressive 650 lumens.



What's new? 

  • New design: Modern and stylish, available in black and white
  • Flexible fixture: easily adjust the direction of the light
  • Increased Light Output: Bright and energy-efficient lighting with an improved output of up to 650 lumens


Stay tuned!

We will announce new innovations shortly for the launch of our upcoming collection. Keep an eye on the newsletters and social media to be the first to know and utilize these in your project!