August 23 2023

Discover the MIYO Trimless

At MIYO, we strive to find intelligent solutions by creating custom-made luminaires. We recently developed a lighting solution for a luxury home with a plastered ceiling.


Customer's challenge.

Plastered ceilings exude elegance and give a luxury home a serene, exclusive look. But sometimes, wide edges of luminaires can disrupt the beautiful ceiling. The client desired seamless integration of lighting into the ceiling without distracting luminaire edges. The client knocked on our MIYO door for this challenge to develop a customised solution.


The Trimless solution

The MIYO team quickly devised an idea: a Trimless luminaire that eliminates the wide edges and invisibly integrates the lighting into a plastered ceiling. The result? A beautiful ceiling with subtle and atmospheric lighting without distracting borders.


How was the Trimless designed?

We transformed our existing Fido downlight into an exclusive Trimless variant for this lighting solution. The ring was precisely CNC-milled and enriched with a laser-cut metal component. Additionally, we merged the special MIYO components with the Fido, resulting in the beautiful Trimless concept. This way, we provided the client with a seamless lighting solution that perfectly matches the luxurious space and plastered ceiling.


What lighting problem can we solve for you?

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