March 14 2022

Bulk packaging

Better for the environment and faster!

Illuxtron offers a new bulk packaging solution. This packaging is now available on request to be used for larger projects. 

Generally, individual boxes are needed for stock-keeping, but for projects where larger numbers are needed, it is quicker to use the new bulk packaging. The bulk pack is applicable to all 75 models and has 48 pieces per box. When placing an order, please specify whether you would like bulk packaging or not. If you have an order of 36 pieces, we can cut the box slightly. This does not work so well with lower numbers.

For example, if you order 53 pieces, you will receive 48 of them in bulk packaging and 7 in individual boxes. Folding individual boxes flat is particularly challenging. This new packaging saves the installer a lot of time as well as beingenvironmentally friendly.