Comfortable warehouse lighting

Fluorescent Tube Replacer

In warehouses, it's important to have good lighting for safety and visibility. Unfortunately, many warehouses use plastic fluorescent lights that consume much energy. Our team, MIYO, was tasked with creating a sustainable and visually appealing solution. We came up with an innovative replacement luminaire that features air circulation holes and can be easily swapped in for existing lights. This luminaire saves a great deal of energy and can be easily installed.

The Fluorescent Tube Replacer solution

The fluorescent replacement luminaire allows the warehouse to switch to energy-saving lighting easily and quickly. The luminaire offers one-to-one replacement of obsolete fluorescent lighting, enabling quick and hassle-free installation. With the fixture's different lenses, every corner of the warehouse is well-lit.


How does the fluorescent replacement luminaire work?

Our team of experts developed a solution tailored to meet the specific needs of the warehouse. This is because warehouse lighting requires unique features. For instance, the aisles are long and narrow, and the luminaires hang high up. To ensure proper illumination, we utilised different lenses and beam angles.

Additionally, we designed the housing to be made of all-metal material except for the PMMA diffuser. The luminaires also have holes to allow air circulation, ensuring optimal cooling and extending the lights' life.


Our fluorescent replacement luminaire is designed based on the popular Cortina LED panel for office lighting. 

Its different beam angles can also be adapted perfectly for warehouse lighting. The luminaire provides sufficient light for a warehouse environment.

Why Make It Your Own?

At MIYO, we solve specific problems of our customers by developing custom-made lighting solutions. We use existing parts that we can fully customise to the customer's needs. If necessary, we can have particular parts manufactured easily and quickly thanks to our extensive network of suppliers. The assembly of our luminaires takes place in our social workshops in the Netherlands, allowing us to work flexibly and efficiently. In this way, we can guarantee a quotation within 48 hours for a request of 50 units or more and an average delivery time of 6 weeks.

Which lighting problem can we solve for you?

At MIYO, we can create custom-made lighting for any warehouse or storage space. What can we do for you? Get in touch with us!

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