Perfect for vertical surfaces


Our large DS-F downlights are very popular for lighting large office buildings with high ceilings, to create enough light in a room. But one office wanted more than that. Large paintings and important lettering hung on the wall throughout the building, only these were dwarfed by the building's current ceiling lighting. As a result, the paintings did not stand out and the lettering had large shadows. It was up to our Make It Your Own department to solve this problem. The MIYO team went to work with determination and expertise, creating the Wallwasher. A powerful luminaire that effortlessly illuminates vertical surfaces in a beautiful way.


The Wallwasher solution

The Walwasher lamp is a powerful tool specifically designed to provide optimal illumination for vertical surfaces. Its exceptional lighting capabilities bring art, photographs, and lettering to life.


How does the Wallwasher work?

We based the Wallwasher design on our DS-F downlights and modified them to serve as wall lights. The special feature of the Wallwasher is the asymmetrical beam angle we added. This beam angle ensures that objects on the wall are perfectly illuminated without leaving dark spots..

Through 3D printing, we were able to attach a Ledil asymmetrical lens to our existing heatsink easily. The luminaire was completed using a laser-cut metal front ring. We can also personalize the hole size and ceiling colour to ensure the luminaire blends perfectly with any room.


The Wallwasher was developed based on the popular DS-F lighting. This asymmetrical beam luminaire is an excellent addition to the different degree beams Illuxtron offers with the DS-F range. This allows the customer to choose 45, 65, 80 or wall-degree beams for maximum flexibility.

This luminaire has an efficient CRI80, ensuring sufficient wall light. If you need to highlight art, you can choose a CRI97 LED for optimum colour perception. The Wallwasher is 87mm high, making it a perfect fit for retrofit projects.

Why Make It Your Own?

At MIYO, we are all about solving problems for our clients by creating custom-made lighting solutions. We use existing components and can modify them to meet the customer's specific needs. If necessary, we can even have special parts made quickly and easily, thanks to our extensive network of suppliers. Our social workshops in the Netherlands are where the luminaires are assembled, giving us the flexibility and efficiency we need. As a result, we can guarantee a quotation within 48 hours for a minimum order of 50 units and an average delivery time of 6 weeks

What lighting problem can we solve for you?

Here at MIYO, we recognise the importance of having high-quality ceiling and wall lighting to enhance the professional appearance of your office space. We're here to assist you if you're seeking an innovative lighting solution for your office building. Contact us now to explore the various possibilities available to you.

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