Edgeless lighting


Plastered ceilings give luxury homes a sleek and minimalist look. However, the wide edges of light fixtures can sometimes disrupt the beauty of the ceiling. A client longed for seamless integration of lighting so that all attention would go to the beautiful space. The client approached our MIYO (Make It Your Own Department) to solve this challenge. We created a custom-made solution - a Trimless Illuxtron luminaire modelled on the Fido.


The Trimless solution

A Trimless luminaire is the solution to create a clean and minimalist ceiling, drawing all attention to the beautiful space. All mounting parts are hidden under a stucco layer, leaving only the light source visible. Moreover, the gorgeous colours of the Fido are emphasized without any distracting edges in view.


How does the Trimless work?

The first step is to mount a stucco frame by screwing it into a plasterboard. The ceiling is then professionally plastered. Our frame is adjustable, so it is always at the right height. The final step is the installation of the lighting module. This module is secured with wire springs and can be easily removed using a suction cup. Resulting in a smooth and seamless transition from plaster to our decorative Fido ring.

Our lighting solution features a ceiling-integrated light source designed to prevent glare. Additionally, we offer Trimless options with various features to accommodate your specific needs, such as HV-FD/LV/LV-TW or various degree beams.


For this lighting solution, we took an existing Fido downlight. We then transformed it into a unique Trimless variant. To achieve this, we CNC-milled a ring and combined it with a laser-cut metal part. The social workshop then merged the special MIYO parts with the Fido to create the Trimless concept. The result was a lighting solution that perfectly matched the minimalist aesthetic of the plastered ceiling.


Why Make It Your Own?

At MIYO, we are all about solving problems for our clients by creating custom-made lighting solutions. We use existing components and can modify them to meet the customer's specific needs. If necessary, we can even have special parts made quickly and easily, thanks to our extensive network of suppliers. Our social workshops in the Netherlands are where the luminaires are assembled, giving us the flexibility and efficiency we need. As a result, we can guarantee a quotation within 48 hours for a minimum order of 50 units and an average delivery time of 6 weeks

Which lighting problem can we solve for you?

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