Multifunctional solution for data centres

Odion Cable Tray

Data centres are crucial to our digital infrastructure, but they face the daily challenge of managing a complex network of cables to handle millions of information flows. Additionally, these vast spaces require proper lighting for optimal working conditions. Our Make It Your Own Team has created the Odion Cable Tray to address these issues. This multifunctional solution efficiently manages cabling and provides energy-efficient lighting for data centres.

Odion Cable Tray solution

The Odion Cable Trough is the perfect combination of functionality and lighting. The cable tray integrates seamlessly into the existing data centre infrastructure with its streamlined design. It provides orderly and streamlined cabling management, reducing installation time and costs. At the same time, it provides the data centre with bright and energy-efficient LED lighting, creating an optimal working environment.


How does the Odion Cable Tray work?

When creating the Odion Cable Tray, we considered the specific needs of data centres. These centres house many large computers and storage systems that generate heat. To maintain a suitable temperature and prevent cable overheating, we designed the tray with open side walls that allow air to circulate around the cables. Our cable tray also ensures that cables are safely and conveniently organized, 

making it easy for data centres to add, move or replace cables without disrupting their operations. Additionally, data centres need lighting and cabling systems that are easy to install and maintain. Our LED lighting is energy-efficient and helps reduce operational costs, making it a valuable addition to any data centre.


The Odion Cable Tray uses our innovative Odion Track Spot. This spotlight is specially designed for high ceilings and can be placed effortlessly on the cable tray. 

We have added our self-developed Flat-Cable system to make the electrical installation as straightforward and flexible as possible. This system ensures a streamlined and efficient electrical connection.

Why Make It Your Own?

Here at MIYO, we focus on delivering personalized lighting solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our clients. We use pre-existing parts that can be adapted to fit individual requirements, and we have reliable suppliers who can produce specific parts if necessary. Our luminaires are assembled in our own social workshops in the Netherlands, which enables us to work efficiently and flexibly. This way, we can guarantee a quotation within 48 hours for an application of 50 pieces and an average delivery time of 6 weeks.

Are you looking for custom-made lighting?

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