Low UGR and wireless dimming capabilities

Linea DS-F-SQ

Lighting plays a crucial role in consumers' shopping experience. It creates the desired atmosphere and highlights products and shop interiors. However, for a passionate shop owner, finding the right lighting that integrates seamlessly with a characterful old building can be challenging. Maintaining the chic look without damaging the ceiling is key. Our dedicated Make It Your Own team understood this problem and succeeded in developing an exceptional luminaire, making it easy to replace fixtures one-on-one with LED lighting.

Custom square lighting

Our Linea DS-F luminaire is a popular choice for shops, schools, and renovation projects. It offers flexibility in terms of lumens, CRIs, degree beams, spring types, and colours, giving you the freedom to choose the option that works best for you. Additionally, we can provide a customized square frame as a special order, which makes it easy to replace all the square PL-18 lamps with LED. Our luminaire seamlessly integrates into the shop’s beautiful old ceiling, creating a cohesive and stylish look.


How does the Linea DS-F-SQ work?

For the Linea DS-F-SQ, we chose our DS-F as a starting point. By mounting the round lamp ring on a custom square frame, we covered square holes for this project. We decided to make the frame 10mm larger than the old luminaire to conceal any discolouration on the ceiling. The result is a new, larger ring that effectively covers any previous blemishes.

As a final step, we painted the luminaire to colour by our local partner and assembled it in place of the social workshop. This allows us to make a luminaire for any square hole quickly. Bigger (DS-FX) or smaller (Linea 75) is also possible by starting with a smaller fixture.


We used the Linea DS-F as a foundation for the Linea DS-F-SQ. These downlights are chic and have special LEDs to enhance the appearance of products in shops. 

The frame for this particular light is square-shaped and measures 290x290mm. The lamp produces 3500Lm. We designed the fixture with wire springs for simple replacement of the lights.

Why Make It Your Own?

MIYO solves customers' problems by creating custom-made lighting solutions. We use existing parts to adapt to the customer's specific needs fully. If particular parts are needed, we can make them quickly and easily through our extensive network of suppliers. Developing each luminaire in a special colour is also possible, as we can lacquer it locally. Finally, the assembly of the luminaires is custom-made at our own social workshops in the Netherlands, allowing us to work flexibly and efficiently. This way, we can guarantee a quotation within 48 hours for a request of 50 units or more and an average delivery time of 6 weeks

What lighting problem can we solve for you?

Here at MIYO, we recognize the importance of every aspect when it comes to ensuring your shop's success. This is why we provide personalized lighting solutions catering to your requirements. Whether your shop is a boutique, department store, or speciality shop, we can create a luminaire that perfectly matches your shop's needs. Contact us today and discover the possibilities.

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