Aviora Sandwich

Good lighting in the office is not only about aesthetics but also impacts the working environment, productivity, well-being and atmosphere. A recent incident occurred in an office where some workspaces were too brightly lit while others lacked lighting. This was due to the uneven ceilings in the building, resulting in different light levels in every room. Additionally, the outdated lighting did not fit the company's modern look and vision. Our Make It Your Own department empathised with the office's frustrations and developed a perfect solution: an LED panel with wire springs, advanced technology, and a stylish design that met all their needs.

The Aviora Sandwich solution

The Aviora Sandwich is the practical and aesthetic solution for any office. This revolutionary LED panel transforms office spaces into a contemporary environment with customisable lighting levels. With a slim design, the Aviora Sandwich adds functionality and aesthetics, suitable for various office environments.


How does the Aviora Sandwich works?

The wire springs are a unique feature of this LED panel. These wire springs make installation and height adjustment effortless. This is ideal for offices with variable ceiling heights. The LED panel meets different lighting needs, from bright working light to soft light in meeting rooms.

You can choose from fixed colours or tunable white options from our blending Barenbach reflectors for the desired effect. Finally, wire springs can create a floating effect, giving the panel a modern and stylish look. This fits perfectly with office environments that strive for sleek and contemporary design. 


For the Aviora Sandwich, we deliberately chose to use our Aviora LED panel as a basis. Standard diffuser panels spread light in different directions and cause glare, which can negatively affect employees' well-being. The Aviora LED panel features special reflectors with less glare and as many as 920 facets for optimal beam control.

The reflectors were developed in cooperation with Bartenbach. They offer high light output and the ability to direct the light in the desired direction. We have also added the tunable white option, which allows the lighting to be adjusted to the specific requirements of the workspace

Why Make It Your Own?

At MIYO, we solve customer problems by creating custom-made lighting solutions. We adapt existing parts or make particular parts if required through our extensive supplier network. Our luminaires are tailored at our social workshops in the Netherlands, allowing us to work flexibly and efficiently. This way, for a request of 50 pieces or more, we can guarantee a quotation within 48 hours and an average delivery time of 6 weeks. 

What lighting problem can we solve for you?

Our goal is to provide the best possible lighting experience for your office. If you need a tailor-made lighting solution, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll be happy to explore the options with you.
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