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Personalised pendant

As someone who works in architecture or interior design, you understand that everyone has their own unique sense of style. Pendant lighting plays an important role in this, as they are highly visible and can draw attention to specific areas like a table, bar, or artwork. The design of your pendant lights can significantly impact the overall appearance of a room. However, finding the right pendant light can be challenging. Thankfully, we offer custom-made pendant lights that can be tailored to your specific style and space needs. Discover the endless possibilities of our customized pendant lights from MIYO.

Tailor-made pendant luminaires

Pendant lights are a chic and practical addition to any room. When installed correctly, they can enhance the overall aesthetic of the space. At MIYO, we are delighted to provide tailored solutions to ensure the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you require specific measurements, brightness levels, or colourings, our pendant designs allow for the complete personalisation of each light.


How does a tailor-made pendant luminaire work?

MIYO developed a concept in 2022 that allows all luminaires in the Illuxtron catalogue to be transformed into pendant ones. We are unique in our flexibility due to our local supply chain. We order aluminium tubes and cut them internally to the right length for the project. Lengths of up to 6 metres are possible! 

We then coat the tubes at the end of the street with our partner and assemble the luminaires locally. Thanks to our local production, we can quickly tailor your pendant luminaire to your project, starting from 50 pieces.


In various settings, MIYO has successfully completed multiple projects. One project involved placing Pointer 40 luminaires above the bar in an upscale restaurant, providing a luminance of 375. Additionally, the Strada 75 in low voltage with a Dali driver is commonly utilized. This luminaire has 1350 lumens, making it suitable for accentuating specific elements.

But it can be even bigger! The desire was to make pendant luminaires 10 metres high in a renovated factory building with a beautiful classic style. We built these based on our DS-FX with 6300Lm in CRI82 / 4000K. This enabled efficient lighting of the entire space with relatively few luminaires.

Why Make It Your Own?

At MIYO, our top priority is to solve our customers' problems by providing tailor-made lighting solutions. We achieve this by utilising pre-existing components that can be fully personalised to meet each customer's specific requirements. In addition, we have access to a broad network of suppliers, allowing us to quickly and easily produce specific parts as needed. Our workshops, located in the Netherlands, enable us to be flexible and efficient during the assembly process. As a result, we can offer a quotation within 48 hours for orders of 50 units or more, with an average delivery time of 6 weeks.

What lighting problem can we solve for you?

At MIYO, we understand that architects often aim to create a luxurious atmosphere that stands out. Contact us today to find out how we can support you in making personalised pendants.

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