Pleasant lighting for small children

Fido Wood Trackspot

Parents and caregivers want their small children to feel safe and comfortable. One way to prevent babies from being blinded while lying on their backs for extended periods, is to switch off the bright lights in the nursery. But how do parents and caregivers solve this problem in the children's room at home?
Besides, as a parent, you are not waiting for an 'overkill' of light when you sleepily change nappies in the middle of the night. Good dimmed lighting then helps you fall back asleep faster. Our MIYO team has developed a stunning spotlight for trendy children's rooms. 


The Fido Wood Trackspot solution

Thanks to our innovative HV-FD technology, the Fido Wood Trackspot offers parents and small children comfort in everyday life. Thanks to the luminaire's directional head, walls are illuminated. As a result, a baby lying on its back does not look directly into the spotlight. Also, for parents, the Fido Wood Trackspot is the ideal solution to feed or comfort their child in the middle of the night without being wide awake. The Fido Wood Trackspot adds a trendy and friendly look to any nursery or children's room with its wooden accent ring and pastel green lacquer.


How does the Fido Wood Trackspot work?

The Fido Wood Trackspot is distinguished by our innovative HV-FD technology integrated into this lamp. With this advanced technology, it is possible to dim the light with extreme precision, up to 1%. This allows children to stay comfortable during the day, while parents can get back to sleep quickly at night. We took the Fido adjustable and enhanced it with solid oak accents.

We milled these CNC from FSC-approved wood and combined them with a 3F rail adapter. Finally, we finished the luminaire's design with pastel green powder coating. This way, we created a lighting solution that fits seamlessly into trendy interiors and creates an environment in which small children feel at ease. 


The Fido Wood Track Spot uses direct 230V power supply through the track. With just one Triac dimmer on the rail, all HV-FD luminaires can be dimmed effortlessly. This is not only convenient, but also cost-efficient. Moreover, the sign is 2200-3000K Dim to Warm, giving the lighting a homely feel to the baby's room.

The Fido Wood track spotlight produces 800Lm with a 40° degree beam. Moreover, you can easily determine the direction of the light by placing the spotlight at the desired position on the Track.


Why Make It Your Own?

At MIYO, we are all about solving problems for our clients by creating custom-made lighting solutions. We use existing components and can modify them to meet the customer's specific needs. If necessary, we can even have special parts made quickly and easily, thanks to our extensive network of suppliers. Our social workshops in the Netherlands are where the luminaires are assembled, giving us the flexibility and efficiency we need. As a result, we can guarantee a quotation within 48 hours for a minimum order of 50 units and an average delivery time of 6 weeks

What lighting problem can we solve for you?

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