Examples and inspiration

Do you wish that our product range could match your requirements a little better? You can see here some examples what we have done for some of our clients

Square replacement luminaire

Square replacement luminaire with low UGR and wireless dimming options. Made to size for a very specific ceiling hole. This way the customer didn’t need to replace their entire ceiling, they just had to replace the old PL-C lighting fixtures. We even colour matched our new solution to the old ceiling colour.

Low UGR Linessa

TL replacement fixture with holes for air circulation. It is a 1 on 1 replacement for the excisting fixtures and saves a lot of energy for the customer. Swapping luminaires was easy thanks to the Wieland plug system. In a matter of hours the old TL luminaires were replaced by our ultra comforatable Low UGR Linessa replacement luminaires.

ultra flat lighting panel

For this project in Germany we created an ultra flat lighting panel with wiresprings. This one was 320x320mm, but we can adjust the size to customer needs. Available in fixed color or tunable white with our mixing Bartenbach reflectors. This minimalistic luminaires saves the customer the hassle to change out their excisting ceiling.

Twin Pointer 40

The Pointer is an amazing recessed spot with a nearly invisible light source thanks to the special lens technology. But why not use it as a stylish surface mounted twin spot? By using our existing technology and custom made CNC parts we were able to fulfil the customers project requirements.

Surface mounted

Illuxtron has the Cylinder 100 that is surface mounted, but it has a fixed height. For a project with a cove, we designed a flexible solution. We added a regular 75mm spot (Fluxe/Linea etc) to a tailormade aluminium tube. We are now super flexible and can do different heights, colours or even pendant versions.

Cable trunking

Cable trunking is used more and more. Not only for construction purposes, but also for a minimalistic aesthetical look in open spaces. Illuxtron MIYO was asked if a flexible and cost-effective spot could be created. Our solution was to use our Odion luminaire with special High CRI COB’s. The use of our Flat-Cable system made electrical installation flexible and easy!

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